National Botanic Gardens - Glasnevin

Dublin, Ireland - 2002

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Centrepiece of the Curvilinear Range (begun in 1843)

Eastern end of Curvilinear Range added 1868

Great Palm House under restoration, built 1883

19th century Cactus and Succulent House

Succulent plantings

Euphorbia Candidens


Cacti plantings

View inside the 19th century wooden structure

Mammillaria glauca

Euphorbia lactea


Euphorbia pentagona

Euphorbia pseudocactus

Euphorbia coerulescens

Euphorbia resinifera

Euphorbia triangularis

Astrophytum ornatum

Astrophytum ornatum var glabrescens

Lemaireocereus dumortieri

Through the foliage to the raised plantings

Mammillaria magnimamma

Mammillaria glauca

Mammillaria fuauxiana

Agave filifera var filamentosa

Agave filifera

Agave shawii

Gasteria liliputana

Haworthia radula

Haworthia cymbiformis

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