National Botanic Gardens - Glasnevin

Dublin, Ireland - 2002

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Haworthia icosiphylla

Haworthia viscosa var pseudotortuosa

Haworthia laetevirens

Gasteria disticha

Aloe grandidentata

Aloe jucunda x nyeriensis

Haworthia cooperi

Haworthia truncata

Haworthia icosiphylla

Gasteria verrucosa, maculata, acinacifolia

Aloe juvenna

Aloe aristata

Aloe jucuda

Gasteria verrucosa intermedia

Gasteria acinacifolia nitens

Gasteria subcarinata

Gasteria verrucosa latifolia

Gasteria multipuncata

Graptopetalum weinbergii variegata

Gasteria angulata

Kalanchoe hildebrandtii

Graptopetalum roseum

Echeveria agavoides

Echeveria simulans

Cotyledon orbiculata var oblonga

Gasteria venucosa var latifolia

gasteria natalensis

Haworthia lynchii

Last view of the old cactus and succulent house

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All photos were taken by and are copyright of Paul Kaluschke