CSSQ Field Trip to Heather's - 2002

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Heather has quite a number of Bromeliads
The Bromeliads were all in excellent health and colour
As well as Bromeliads, Heather has a large number of Hanging Baskets
Everything was very nicely done

So relaxing to look over all the plants

Dyckia marnier lapastole

Neoregelia "Small Wonder"



Euphorbia suzzane x bupleurifolia

Euphorbia opuntioides


Haworthia laeteuirens

Adromischus marianiae alveulatus

Gasteria glomerata

Gasteria glomerata

Gasteria humilis

Aloe "Lime Delight"

Euphorbia schinzii

A few Haworthia

Dorstenia foetida

Aloe "Dainty"

Aloe jucunda

Parodia magnifica

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All plants were grown by Heather