CSSQ Field Trip to Heather's - 2002

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Parodia magnifica

Mammillaria compressa


Mammillaria elongata

Mammillaria beiselii v arteaga

Mammillaria hahniana

Mammillaria plumosa

Parodia leninghausii

Some more of Heathers' collection

Crassula ovata

Crassula gollogum


Heather loves Echeveria "Topsy Turvy"

Echeveria ?

Euphorbia millii

More of the outdoor garden

Tradescantia sillamontana


Neoregelia "Fireball" x "Granada"



Neoregelia "Mulford Fonter" hybrid

Neoregelia "Thelmas Choice"

Bromeliad flowers can be so nice

Field Trips are such hard work

What's the name of that plant I want ?

Good view of Heather's C&S Shed

Check out the base on the "Pony Tail"

Monadenium ellenbecki crulopodium


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All plants were grown by Heather