Banff, Canada - 2006

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Before we settled into our digs at Banff, we took a ride on the Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain.

From here we could see the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Sulphur Mountain lies on the west shore of the Bow River, across the Bridge from Banff's town centre. The mountain is unique for its porous rock, causing hot (and slightly sulphourous) water to rise up and trickle from hot springs. These springs were the basis for early tourism in Banff, and the cause of the area's declaration as Canada's first national park.
It was great to see all the snow around since it was spring.

Banff is situated amongst the towering mountains of Rundle, Tunnel, Cascade and Norquay

We left the mountain and headed off to Bow Falls.

These falls allow the waters of the Bow River to drop about 30 feet, near the confluence with the Spray River. They're a short walk from the Banff Springs Hotel or from the Banff Centre off Tunnel Mountain.

We took a bit more of a drive around to see some sites before heading off to our hotel for the night. On the way we saw elk, squirrels and bears. There were also these strange verticle outcrops at one spot.
Here's some more shots of Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.
Since there was plenty of time, I headed off to the railway station.

The name "Banff" is derived from Banffshire, Scotland, the birthplace of two of the original directors of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

There is a single mainline into Banff with a passing loop and three sidings with the station on the mainline.

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