A Morning with Rudy - 2002

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A Quick Study of

Pachypodium lamerei

This tree was planted as a seedling in 1989 in the ground, and is now about 2.1 m high and has flowered for 8 seasons.

The onion bag was used to capture the dandelion type seeds that come out of the seed pods.

A Quick Study of

Pachypodium geayi

This tree was planted from seedling about 1993 in a pot. About 5-6 years ago it was transfered into the ground and is now 2.1 m high
Euphorbia viguieri

"Lucky Star" an Adenium obesum x

Adenium sp

This was sold as Bursera fageroides, but isn't. Still waiting on a positive ID.

Dendrobium sp.

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All plants were grown by Rudy Waanders, with photography by Paul Kaluschke