CSSQ Field Trip to Marie and John's - 2003

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Pachypodium namaquanum

Just some of Marie's Echeveria's

Kalanchoe sp

Unknown, but nice

A Grafted Gymnocalycium

A Grafted Gymnocalycium

A Grafted Gymnocalycium

A Grafted Chamaecereus

Euphorbia flanagani "Cristata"

Ariocarpus retusus

Lithops bromfieldii

Lithops olivacea

Lithops sp

Echeveria sp

Echeveria setosa var diminute

kalanchoe tomentosa

Sedum hintonii

Echeveria minima

Dudleya sp

Echeveria sp

Echeveria sp

Pachyphytum "Blue Haze"

Marie's indoor cactus garden

Mammillaria compressa

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All plants were grown by Marie