CSSQ Field Trip to Laurie and Sue's - 2002

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Pleiospilos simulans

Aloinopsis rubrolineata

Senecio scaposus v caulescens

Rebutia krainziana

Rebutia krainziana

Obregonia denegrii

Crassula sp


Dorstenia foetida ?

Echeveria sp

Mammillaria bocasana

Mammillaria hahniana v superba

Mammillaria hahniana

Echinocereus concineus v iniermis

Oreocereus trollii

Mammillaria schiediana v plumosa

Mammillaria perbella

Mammillaria crucigera

Copiapoa barquitensis

Copiapoa columnare v alba

Gymnocalycium parkinsonii

Aloe reynoldsii

Euphorbia esculenta

Euphorbia horrida v striata

Young in the Sun

Gasteria nitidens

The Tall Corner

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All plants were grown by Laurie and Sue, photography by Paul Kaluschke