CSSQ Field Trip to Johanna's - 2002

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Johanna has a fairly large

collection of Cacti

and Succulents

There are pots, hanging

baskets and in-ground


This all happens about

30 Kms south of Brisbane


Notocactus leninghausii

Tall White's

There are Cleistocactus, Arrojadoa, Espostoa

and many more species of

tall cacti

The garden beds have Jatropha

Crassula, Echeveria, Cacti

Aloe, Agave, Euphorbia etc

There are also lots of artifacts

like frogs, Mexicans etc

around the gardens

There are a large number of

in-ground Echeveria,

all growing beautifully

Society members swapping tips

amongst Haworthia, Epiphyllum

Senico, Palms

Glottiphyllum, Sedum

and Aeonium abound

Kalanchoe and porcelain pigs

are among the surprising wealth

of plants and beauty

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All plants were grown by Johanna