Banff to Victoria via Kelowna, Canada - 2006

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So from Banff we headed off to our night stop which would be Kelowna.
About an hour out from Eagle Pass we stopped at a roadstop. There was a lot of railway history there but it wasn't opened and all I got was a picture of a snowshed across the lake.
Eagle Pass, elevation about 550 m, provides a corridor through the Gold Range in the MONASHEE MTS between Shuswap Lake and the Columbia River, 12 km southwest of Revelstoke, British Columbia.
In 1865 Walter MOBERLY, BC's assistant surveyor general, set out to explore the interior for possible railway passes through the mountain barrier east of Shuswap Lake, and discovered and named the pass after he had shot up a nest of eagles that flew away through it. Eagle Pass was chosen as the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY route through the Monashees; there the western railway portion from Port Moody met the eastern rail crews, and on 7 November 1885 the last spike was driven at CRAIGELLACHIE, west of the pass. The Trans-Canada Highway also traverses the pass.
Next stop was a quick picture stop on the edge of Lake Kalamalka (lake of a thousand colours). It was quite windy and cold.
We stopped overnight at Kelowna which is not far from Lake Kalamalka and is in fact just near the larger lake - Lake Okanagan (not pictured here).

The next morning we were up and off to Victoria.

After a stop at a Tim Hortons for coffee and donuts, we were again moving. Our drive through the pass coming down was quite an experience.
We got in a snow storm and saw things like upside down cars, trucks jack-knifed and such. But our driver was very good (mind you, a few times I was a bit worried).

Even though the photos look like black and white, it's just because the snow wipes out all the colours.

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