Athabasca Glacier, Canada - 2006

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After having left Jasper in the morning and visiting the Athabasca Falls, we are now on our way to the Columbia Icefield which covers nearly 325 square kilometres. There are places up there that get over 7 metres of snow a year.
Middle photo - Here we see the Athabasca Glacier dead centre when viewed from the restaurant

We are quite a distance away, as you cannot even make out the buses on the glacier in the distance.

In the left photo, you can just make out the bus to the left of centre. It is not at the glacier front yet.

The Athabasca Glacier is about 6 km long and 1 km wide and 300 m deep - it's a big sucker!

We are now moving out to the glacier and are then finally there and out of these huge 4 wheel drive buses run by Brewster and on the ice and snow.
Middle photo is of course my main travelling companions, my sister, mum and dad.
There were glaciers, ice and snow all over the place. The icefields have 8 major glaciers and umpteen minor ones flowing from them.

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All photos were taken by and are copyright of Paul Kaluschke