Kamloops to Jasper, Canada - 2006

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The scenery is just magnificent. You could watch it all day long - that's right, I am!
We are now on the outskirts of Jasper, the end of the train segment of our holiday. The trip took about 7 hours today.
So of course once the bags were dumped, had to check out Jasper itself.
An old Candadian National Mountain Class U-1-A steam loco (placed here in July 1972).

17.54 m long by 3.27 m wide and 4.65 m high and weinging in at 261.7 tonnes. It has 1.85 m driving wheels. The tender holds 45,500 l of water and 15.4 tonnes of coal.

The building on the left is the railway station at Jasper.
Jasper had a railway yard and fair amount of container traffic was coming through.

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All photos were taken by and are copyright of Paul Kaluschke