Kamloops to Jasper, Canada - 2006

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Off we head on the second day of our Rocky Mountaineer rail trip.

We are starting from Kamloops and now head up the North Thompson River.

We are climbing all the way and start to leave the dry area behind as we enter the higher slopes of the mountain range.
There are a lot more streams entering the river. Can just imagine the rod out, six pack next to me, trying to catch some of those salmon.
When we climbed aboard the train was smaller, with half having been split off to go to Calgary. We now have only a single loco hauling us along.
Lots of waterfalls as well dot the scenery along the tracks.
We are starting to now see snow on the ground, where it hasn't yet melted in the spring weather.
The locos used for Rocky Mountaineer trips are the EMD GP40-2's. These are 3000 HP locos weighing in at 120 tons.

We've now been on the go for about 3 hours.

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