PK's (AlcoRS2) Garden Setup

Click on any photo you would like to see close up.

My cactus house is 4.7 x 2.4 metres by 2.4 high.

My dad & I built it out of galvanised water pipe and covered it with clear polycarbonate sheeting, which is about 10% shade.

I then added some 30% shade cloth on the roof.

It might sound shady, but the back wall is a nice glossy white - hence I think I actually get 100% or more sunlight.

I also have a pergola which is 4.7 x 6 metres is size,that is covered in 60% shade cloth.

I have a table setting or 2 in there, but they seem to have become plant benches.

I keep most of my Huernias, Stapeliads etc here.

Seedlings are also started here under glass, to keep the rain off.

Shade loving cacti & succulents are also here.

I plan on taking the shade cloth off and putting 30 or 40% shade polycarbonate sheeting on, and some half walls. Then make some real benches, and turn it into another cacti house. This would mean building another pergola that would have real seating. The orchids, bromeliads etc would move there as well.

This is a small garden under the eaves of my backyard shed/garage.

One under my kitchen window.

In front of my front steps, which is in permanent shade during winter.

I also have a number of Bromeliads, Orchids and Ferns

I can't help it, I just like plants.

Oh yeh, and a mug shot of myself - not a good one, but it will do. I'm usually the one behind, not in front, of the camera.

All photos are copyright of Paul Kaluschke

All plants are grown by Paul Kaluschke